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    Hotel Calufornia

    Located just off a dark desert highway, the glow of the city just in the distance, Hotel Calufornia provides the perfect oasis for the weary traveler. Check-in and check-out any time you would like, but you can never leave! Booo it's Halloween!

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    Add some bloody bubbly to your romantic weekend. Just request upon reserving, and we'll gift it to you for FREE!

    Enjoy a dinner with ghosts.

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    Halloween is here.

    Don't be a prisoner of your own device, whatever device that may be -- an iPad, DVR, Xbox? The Master's Chambers allows for you to disconnect. Literally. There is no WiFi, nor any outlets. Candles will be your light. If you get bored, listen to the voices down the corridor... they're loud. Or, just make funny faces at yourself in the mirrors on the ceiling.

    Whether you're a captain or just another member of the Village People, this suite is for you. A simple room, housing a single twin bed. This room comes with a delicious, dynamic wine -- the Cap's fav.

    Finally ready to settle down with one of those pretty, pretty boys you call friends?

    The voices down the corridor have lots to say.

    If you're looking for something a little less California, check out our sister property.